Biogas CHP and Biomass

PMF Poultry Farm

An agricultural client with a poultry and cattle farm in Gloucestershire was looking to minimise site energy demands for the poultry houses and utilise agricultural residues and manure as a fuel source for energy generation.


Sustainable Energy was appointed as lead designer and client’s engineer for the installation of a low carbon energy centre comprising a biogas CHP plant, two biogas boilers (fuelled by two anaerobic digesters) and a biomass boiler.

SEL undertook detailed technical review, detailed design and specification for the plant and all installation works and management of the RHI accreditation process for the three separate renewable heating technology applications.


The energy centre comprises a 500kW wood chip boiler, 2 x 300kW biogas boilers and a 200kWe biogas CHP with 20,000litres of thermal storage; all plant is fully integrated. The key challenge of this project was to ensure that the site utilised as much heat from the biogas CHP as possible, with the remaining demands supplied by the biogas and biomass boilers, whilst ensuring that the variable heat demands of the poultry site were met effectively. The three technologies were approved under three separate RHI accreditations in 2015.