Energy Efficiency & Buildings

Our range of services have helped numerous organisations to identify, evaluate and implement measures to make considerable energy, carbon and financial savings.

We take a holistic approach when assessing and designing renewable energy systems. Energy efficiency and the effective use of heat and electricity is often the predecessor to a renewable energy project; therefore our first step is to profile and model energy use and to identify opportunities and specify measures to reduce overall demand, prior to sizing the renewable system. This can often mean that a smaller system is needed and lower capital spend is required.

Our energy saving services include:

  • Quantifying energy consumption levels, trends and profiles
  • Benchmarking energy use against similar organisations
  • Identifying energy saving measures and developing the financial case for implementation
  • Specifying equipment, control measures and processes
  • Quantifying reduction in carbon emissions
  • Quantifying reduction in energy costs

Our policy is always reduction first – we don’t believe in generating renewable energy to supply inefficient processes or buildings, therefore many of our staff maintain qualifications and memberships relating to energy efficiency and environmental management from commercial EPC assessors to Chartered Environmentalists.