We have delivered impartial technical consultancy services for biomass projects for over 20 years.

  • We provide technical support throughout all project phases including initial feasibility assessment, full system design to best practice, Client’s Engineer role during installation and handover, and system monitoring and management post-installation
  • Our biomass projects include multi-megawatt power systems, combined heating and cooling projects, large scale district heating, and small scale biomass heating
  • We provide all of the services required for the development of wood energy projects for applications of heat, electricity generation, and CHP
  • We assist clients to develop strategies for large scale wood fuel procurement, small scale fuel production and fuel management systems, and have developed Fuel Measurement and Sampling procedures to meet RHI Sustainability compliance for a variety of biomass fuels including woody biomass, farmyard wastes and food production residues READ MORE ABOUT WOOD FUEL STRATEGY SERVICES
  • We are at the forefront of developing best practice in the biomass sector and have worked with the Wood Heat Association, BEIS and Carbon Trust on the development of best practice design, application and training in the biomass industry
  • We are directly responsible for the RHI accreditation of over 300 biomass projects, with plant sizes ranging from 20 MW down to 50 kW; our services included system sizing and design, development of RHI metering arrangement and completion of the RHI application process, and Independent Report on Metering Arrangements

We have experience in all areas of electricity generation via Steam Cycle and Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC), including scoping studies, development of power contracts, outline design and planning, technology assessment and due diligence