Biomass Combined Cooling Heating and Power


During development of its new headquarters in West London, BSkyB wanted to review low carbon and renewable opportunities for supplying the energy needs of the site.

Sustainable Energy carried out a detailed energy technology appraisal and sizing assessment for a Combined Cooling Heat and Power (CCHP) system at the site. This included development of a complex energy load model of the site in order to assess the output of a range of different technologies. The assessment concluded that the optimum solution, both technically and financially was a 1MWe Organic Rankine Cycle Turbine with Thermal oil biomass boiler fired on Grade A recycled wood.

Sustainable Energy completed outline design for the energy centre and fuel storage which considered fuel delivery strategy, plant placement and connections for cooling, heating and power to the main building.

Sustainable Energy worked with BSkyB’s appointed cost consultants to develop the financial models required to suppport a funding application and provided outline envelope and flue emission data for the planning phase.