Historic House and Wedding Venue

Elmore Court

Elmore Court is a unique Wedding and Events Venue in Gloucestershire with views over the Cotswolds and River Severn. The House dates back to 1580 and includes the recent addition of a sound-proofed and sustainably constructed wedding and functions venue (as an alternative to the usual marquee facility) called ’The Gillyflower’.


The client wished to develop a functions venue with sustainability at its core. Sustainable Energy were appointed at concept stage to advise on building fabric specifications, heating, ventilation and cooling options for the new venue and to provide technical support throughout the design and installation of a biomass heating system to supply the new venue plus the main house and a number of cottages within the grounds.


Development of a heat load model for the main house and cottages and provision of EPC calculations for the Gillyflower to advise the client’s architects on the required building construction and energy solutions that would be needed to achieve the ‘A’ standard that the client sought for the building design.

The design of a mini biomass district heating network and technical support to the client and contractors during construction and commissioning of the scheme, which includes both old and new buildings with very different thermal characteristics and diverse heat loads.


The Sustainable Energy Solution comprises a new centralised energy centre with biomass boiler to provide heat to the main house, new Gillyflower venue, offices and catering facility. The Gillyflower incorporates a combined air handling and heat recovery system which integrates with the biomass district heating, thus enabling the venue to achieve ‘best practice’ energy performance.

“It was all designed by the very clever folk at Sustainable Energy who, if you’re thinking of following suit, really know their shizzle.”

Anselme Guise, Owner

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