Techno-Economic Cash Flow Modelling

We have developed dedicated district energy tools that link our detailed technical models to discounted cash flow models, demonstrating the performance of decentralised energy schemes.

We assess economic viability for energy project options using comprehensive cash flow models that we ensure meet all client requirements. Our models report IRR and NPV at a range of discount rates and over 20, 25, 30, and 40 year lifetimes and are often provided to our clients.

Our models provide outputs that are easy to understand and communicate, whilst considering risk and reward. Our cash flow models have been developed in accordance with the FAST standard and designed for ease of use. The model will include a user guide, book of assumptions, input data sources, a map, key sheet, and an easy to use dashboard.

Our techno-economic models include:

  • Detailed schedules of CAPEX, OPEX and REPEX
  • Costs for procurement, installation, commissioning, construction management, contractor project management etc.
  • Detailed adjustable energy load inputs
  • A breakdown of counterfactual energy prices
  • Functionality to test sensitivities
  • Presentation of lifecycle carbon assessment
  • Risk quantification
  • Gap funding analysis
  • Detailed energy balance
  • A cash flow statement