3 MWe Biomass CHP

Volac International

Volac is one of Europe’s fastest growing and most ambitious global dairy nutrition businesses. Key products include: high performance nutritional products and feeding systems for the agricultural market, high performance whey ingredients for the global sport, health and food markets, and nutritionally rich dairy ingredients for the world’s leading food & beverage companies.


The Felinfach manufacturing site in West Wales requires large quantities of heat and power to produce drying and evaporation energy for the processes involved in manufacture of the dairy products.

The installation of a biomass combined heat and power (CHP) plant to produce 3 MW of electricity via an ORC (organic Rankine cycle) turbine and 16 MW of heat off-take, for the factory processes, will significantly reduce the site’s reliance on imported liquified gas and oil.


Sustainable Energy was appointed to manage the accreditation process for the renewable heat incentive (RHI), including drafting of process meter arrangements, heat loss assessments, distribution pipe insulation advice, emission monitoring, certification and administration for the accreditation & reporting for the biomass CHP system, from feed stock sourcing through continuous monitoring via testing, to quantify and define the characteristics of the fuel, through to combustion behaviour and emissions.


Sustainable Energy supported Volac in the design of the meter placement and eligibility conditions for the RHI, and provided services for the accreditation of the biomass boiler and CHP plant. Sustainable Energy provides ongoing compliance support for Volac for CHPQA, ROCs, and RHI reporting, and further services including audit support.