District Cooling

We work on projects to improve cooling efficiency and develop cooling networks. Our hands on experiences includes commercial and industrial tri-generation for local cooling, heating and power networks. We deliver full cycle assessments and consider technology applications to identify total CO2e emissions from the offset of fossil fuel as well as the emission of refrigerant gases.

  • Our cooling experience include water source systems, absorption cooling, heat pump recovery, and seasonal thermal storage applications for commercial cooling demands
  • We have provided design and compliance services for integrating absorption chilling into heat and power projects for large scale biomass CHP systems
  • We have evaluated opportunities for cooling networks at a city centre scale
  • We have assessed, designed, and delivered projects to ensure thermal balancing of chilling networks with other industrial processes
  • We have overseen the accreditation of cooling technologies for Renewable Heat Incentive and CHPQA
  • We consider full life cycle evaluation and total CO2e emissions and consider the use of natural refrigerants in all our projects