Biomass CHP

We provide technical support through the development of biomass CHP projects using steam cycle, Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC), gasification, and biogas CHP.

We provide detailed technical and economic feasibility assessments in order to quantify project costs, develop detailed business cases and advise on whether projects can offer the required return on investment.

We have consulted on and developed a number of ORC projects from 3 MWe to 65 kWe and have a wealth of experience in all aspects of design and implementation. This includes projects fuelled by a wide range of biomass feedstocks from virgin forestry and sawmill residues to industrial wood waste and process residues.

We hold significant experience in the assessment and design of advanced thermal conversion technologies such as gasification and pyrolysis. The emergence of small-scale biomass technologies utilising advanced thermal conversion processes offers an increase in the number of sites where CHP projects could be viable, however, the viability of advanced thermal conversion biomass CHP is dependent on specific technical parameters which can vary considerably across different sites and applications; it is important these are properly considered before investment is made.

Our Bioenergy CHP services include:

  • CHP sizing through wood resource availability
  • Compliance under CHPQA, FIT, ROCs and RHI
  • Technology assessment / supplier selection
  • Techno-economic modelling
  • Grid connection / site electrical capacity
  • Power Purchase Agreements (PPA)
  • Planning and Environment Agency issues
  • IPPC and Waste Incineration Directive
  • Remediation advisory services for thermal oil, steam and gasification CHP technologies.