Sustainable Energy provides technical support for development of building integrated PV systems and large scale PV farm projects. We offer services from the initial technical and financial evaluation, through to layout design, electrical design, planning and FIT applications for commercial applications of solar photovoltaic electricity.

We can design and specify solar PV as a stand-alone system or as part of an ‘integrated package’ comprising several compatible renewable energy technologies. When developing an integrated package of renewable technologies, we consider not just the technical viability for the various technologies but also the client objectives and required investment criteria, to ensure that the correct package is specified.

When designed and integrated effectively, solar PV systems can be used to achieve carbon reduction targets in new-build developments or provide a significant contribution to carbon reduction targets in retrofit projects.

If you have received a quote for a solar PV system, or income projections from an equipment supplier and you want to assess project is viability (particularly with the impact of reductions to the Feed in Tariffs), we can provide independent expert advice.

Sustainable Energy has also developed innovative commercial applications for solar thermal heating systems including commercial scale solar hot water systems for stand-alone use and integrated with other renewable heating systems such as biomass heating.