Independent Report on Metering Arrangements

Sustainable Energy offers Independent Reports on Metering Arrangements (IRMA) which is required for many Renewable Heat Incentive applications. The ‘heat meter’ report for RHI comprises a site visit to review heat meter classifications and compliance, verification of metering design and placement as per latest RHI guidelines, verification of flow rates and temperatures with evidence given of measurement techniques to verify that the heat meters are functioning correctly, verification that meters are installed as per manufacturer’s guidelines and development of a completed IRMA report. The process will ensure that all meters are recording correctly so that no under recording is experienced by the client and provides an IRMA report in approved Ofgem format.

We also provide fully compliant RHI schematic drawings showing the as-built heating system, including the system design and integration of eligible and ineligible plant, all heat uses, building boundaries and external pipe work and metering arrangements to accompany RHI accreditation for biomass, ground source heat, solar and biogas projects.

We can also design metering arrangements, specify and arrange the installation of heat meters and remote monitoring systems to comply with the RHI, which allows much of the ongoing RHI administration to be done remotely, thus reducing management impact.

The size and type of heat generation technology will dictate the amount of RHI income received; the positioning of heat meters and careful monitoring of heating system operating data can maximise efficiency of the system and ensure that the maximum possible proportion of heat is supplied by biomass, to maximise RHI income.