Low Carbon Building

All too often buildings are specified with high thermal performance and the inclusion of low energy technologies at design stage, but the constructed building and low energy technologies are installed and commissioned without a thorough knowledege of what each system should achieve.

Our technical services ensure that best practice is applied at design stage and that full functionality is realised, to avoid any conflict/confusion between each system and the operator. We have delivered many innovative solutions for buildings, designing fabric, heat recovery and energy generation solutions that have resulted in simple to operate and highly efficient buildings.

We regularly see cases of low carbon technologies such as biomass boilers, CHP, solar thermal and heat pumps operating with significantly lower performance than their design expectations – this is often due to poor control and integration of the generator and heat distribution systems. In these situations, we provide remediation services in order to rectify problems, improve performance and allow the as-built system to realise its design potential.


We are currently working hard with the building services industry to ensure best practice is not only implemented at the technology selection stage, but also at the critical stages of integration design and commissioning.

We offer the specialist Independent Commissioning Manager role to ensure that built systems, building management systems (BMS) and equipment achieve their design potential in operation.